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If you’ve ever eaten Doritos before I’m sure you know how delicious they are. While Lays has a slogan where they “bet you can’t eat just one,” I think that Doritos chips should reign supreme in that category. When you start eating them.. it’s tough to stop. And when you’ve already eaten half the bag? May as well keep it going! Can’t eat just one is an understatement. The Doritos Conundrum is real.

A few months ago I started working on a bit about the internal struggles of what happens when you get stressed out. Part of that was the “angel” and “demon” or “healthy me” and “fat me” giving me advice on what to do when I’m stressed out.

Fast forward a few months from when I first created the bit and I wrote a short that was filmed which takes that premise and brings it to reality. The Doritos Conundrum was born!


Watch the short!